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Regular Exams And Cleanings

As a preventive dentist, we strongly encourage all patients to keep up with routine exams and cleanings. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist

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Advanced Dental Technology

Using the most advanced dental technology possible is just as important as staying up-to-date on the latest treatment techniques. Elite Dental Care is committed to

family smiling in bed after dental emergency care

Emergency Dental Care

If you experience a dental emergency, be sure to call Elite Dental Care as soon as possible. If you need immediate attention after hours, call

woman with eyes closed being examined by a dentist with dental equipment

Sedation Dentistry

The use of sedation in dentistry has revolutionized the way patients view dental visits. Patients who once were afraid or anxious about even the most

woman smiling after completing gum disease procedure

Gum Disease

Gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is an infection of the periodontal tissues (gums and bone) that are responsible for supporting the teeth. The infection

male flossing in the restroom mirror

How to Floss Your Teeth

Flossing is an important part of an oral hygiene routine, but research suggests that fewer than half of Americans do so daily. Flossing is simple

woman brushing her teeth with an electric toothbrush

Electric Brush vs. Manual Brushes

Preventative dentistry is about more than just visiting your dentist twice yearly for an exam and thorough cleaning. In fact, the majority of your preventative

woman brushing her teeth in the bathroom mirror

How to Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is probably a standard part of your daily routine, but chances are you aren’t following the American Dental Association’s guidelines for cleaning

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Preventive Care

Elite Dental Care is a preventive focused practice. This means that, while we provide the full range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments, our main

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